Call of Duty” 04 Reasons to Play

The gaming industry is rising every day. Every single day, Hundreds of hundred new games are launched, but few games Rule the industry for years. Call of Duty is also one of them.

Many people think that gaming is just a waste of time. But they don’t know how gaming helps to grow our mentality.

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Nowadays Everybody loves to play games. According to studies, the number of players in gaming is growing like skyrockets, especially for Cod mobile.

The launch of COD mobile got more than 100 Million plus downloads within 13 Months. They are increasing day by day and the reason behind this is the features given by COD mobile. We are going to discuss 4 reasons to play call of duty.

Multiple Game Modes

Call of Duty always bring something new on the table. Call of Duty allows their user to play games in a different modes. Each and every modes have different objectives and approaches.

Call of Duty provides Team Deathmatch, Battle Royal,Frontline,search & Destroy and Domination.

Loadout System

One thing that makes Call of Duty mobile different from other games is the Loadout faction in the game.

All the guns in the game are fully customizable with different attachments and gear. Players can customize their weapons according to their needs. Which makes the player experience smooth.

Multiple gear and guns are available in the game to enhance the user experience.

Trusted Developers

Activision and Tencent are both big organizations responsible for the development of multiple video games. Players are always expect something new from the developers of the call of duty, which is great.

The game is here to stay for a long time, so we can expect a lot of updates and events.

Perception and Vision

When you face a complex environment while playing Call of Duty with competing stimuli, your brain creates a perception template that helps you to make a decision about what is important and what is not.

High-Quality action games also improve your ability to make a difference between different shades of colors. Gamers’ brains are more able to process visuals as compared to a normal person.



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